Online Sleep Clinics



Registration is now open for my 5-day online sleep clinic for toddlers, May 7-11, 2018

Get five days of individualized support, so you and your babe can start getting sweet sweet sleep.

Spots are limited! 


My online sleep clinics are 5 days of learning about sleep/ what affects sleep... while getting specific answers for YOU, YOUR LITTLE ONE, and YOUR SITUATION. You don't have to be left guessing how to get your child more sleep - I will be teaching it all to you and answering your specific questions along the way. 

Did you know there is more to teaching our kids to sleep than just what happens in their crib/bed? I'll be covering it all in the sleep clinics.  

Each day there will be a livestream in the closed Facebook group for those that have registered. This livestream will cover Everything Sleep and will be followed by a live Q&A component where all your questions can be answered. The material covered shouldn't take more than an hour, but I'll stick around to answer questions as long as she can. In addition, you will be encouraged to post questions, comments and concerns in the group so I can give you all the answers you are looking for. I'll be in and out of the group throughout the day to answer questions and give feedback to those that have posted and left comments.  

Attend Live or Later... it doesn't matter! The videos will be available for replay at your convenience and you'll have straight access to me through the entire 5 days (and a full week after)!


Each day will come with new topics and new things to learn and apply.


A guide that will walk you through the entire clinic and lay out all the sleep information you could ever want to get your hands on in the simplest of ways. From step by step sleep guides to case studies that include modifcations, this sleep resource guide will be all yours and make you feel like you've unlocked all the secrets to sleep. 


I'll present each day on a specific topic and give you all her knoweldge and insights from her education and experience in the sleep field. These videos will be invaluable. Watch Live or On Demand Replay whenever you get the time or need them later. Watching the videos live is a perk, not a necessity, so don't worry if you can't make them live.


The live presentation will be followed by live Q&A sessions where you can ask all of YOUR questions and get solutions for YOUR situation. These Q&As will go until there are no more questions and everyone understands how the daily information can be applied in their life so they can begin to see change soon. PLUS ACCESS TO ME FOR 1 WEEK AFTER THE CLINIC IS OVER.


The group format (in a closed group on Facebook) allows you to ask questions, get direct answers and feel the power of parents working and sticking together. Moms everywhere swear this is the key to their success because they don't have to feel like they're doing it alone anymore. Of course I'll be in there to answer questions and guide conversations around sleep and mom life.

Ask - Adapt - Apply - Sleep

What are you waiting for? It's time to sleeeeeeeep!


  •  How to get more sleep for everyone in your house
  •  The best sleep training method for you and your little one that will work
  •  Individual attention and solutions for your sleep struggles 
  • What goes into determining readiness
  • What we need to be successful
  • Mom/Dad readiness and how to get on the same page
  • Understanding your child's temperament and how to work with them, not against them
  • "Fixing" everything behind the scenes that changes sleep drastically
  • Helping our littles to learn how to self-settle/self-soothe without being left to cry
  • How to set up our days for sleep success (during the day AND night!)
  • Structured Routine: Yes or no? Based on Temperament and personality
  • Ideal daily schedules by age
  • Navigating & trouble shooting naptimes
  • Encourage healthy independence without sacrificing the parental bond security and trust
  • The ideals that are important to you as a parent and how that translates into sleep


Hey there! I'm Bethany. 

Sleep Consultant, Lactation Counselor and Postpartum Doula

I've worked with hundreds of families and changes thousands of people's sleep habits. Whether it is through my popular Attached to Sleep program or working one on one with me, I've helped moms to understand that they don't have to compromise their parenting style, or what feels right, to get their little ones to sleep better. Know what else I'll always tell you? There is no guilt in wanting or needing more sleep. I'll be able to help you get that sleep you so desperately want and need!

I focus on the big picture but help to make adjustments in small ways. This allows my approach to be as gentle as possible while still being effective...always.  



  • You'll have everything you need to master your child's sleep
  • You'll be confident, which will help you remain calm and have more success
  • You'll know what's going wrong and why it's going wrong
  • You won't need a sleep consultant, you can do it on your own
  • You'll understand the difference between the major sleep training methods and why some methods work better for different families
  • You'll have an amazing resource guide on sleep to return to whenever you need including go to step by step guides for the sleep method that will work best for you and your little one
  • You'll have knowledge your friends will be envious of (never mind the sleeping baby!)


Infant Sleep Clinic 

12 months and younger

Interested in developing helathy sleep habits early on? This is the clinic for you! Learn the important things that can alter sleep, how to master the art of nap times and help your little one to develop healthy independent sleep habits! Sacrificing sleep doesn't have to be part of everyone's mom journey.  

Next Infant Clinic: May 21-25, 2018 

Add your name to the waitlist (free!) to make sure you know FIRST when registration opens for the next clinic

Toddler/Preschool Sleep Clinic

1-4 years old  

Maybe they were a great sleeper as an infant, maybe they weren't! Either way, if you have a toddler or preschooler , this clinic is for you. We will go over crib sleeping and the transition to open beds and how we can continue to help our toddlers deal with independence while keeping healthy sleep habits.Working with our mobile ones is not always easier as most assume. Bigger in size, more in control of their bodies and MUCH stronger with their verbal skills brings the challenge to the next level. We'll cover it all and give you the skills you need to work with your child on indepdent sleep while be sensitive to fears and transitions from what they've come to associate with sleep.  

Next Toddler Clinic: May 7-May 11, 2018 

Want all the content without the structured support and Facebook group? 

All the info you need on sleep training: Readiness, Schedules and Routines, Napping, Habits and Behaviors (and what to do about them!), 4 different sleep training methods and case studies!


An online sleep clinic? What does that even mean?

You can see my answer detailed a little more above - but these 5 days will be huge for you sleep success because you'll learn about infant sleep and know what adjustments need to be made so you can start sleeping better. The online format is simply because I KNOW I can teach you about sleep and answer all of your questions from anywhere. The power of facebook groups and online live streaming is unreal, why not use it to our advantage for something we all would like more of: SLEEP!

How many people can register for each clinic?

At this time 30 people can register for each clinic. This gives Bethany the opportunity to really interact and answer questions for each atendee. 

Why are the clinics split by age?

There is a lot that goes on when it comes to sleep, add developmental "stuff" in there and the difference in schedules/routines, it would make it REALLY hard to address everyone's needs and give each topic the attention it deserves (so I can better help you!). Therefore, splitting it by age range helps me to better help you and meet you and your little one where you are at!

How often are these clinics held?

Clinics will be held every month or every other month, depending on demand. However, clinics will vary on topic and age range being addressed. This gives us the ability to delve deeper into the sleep needs/questions each group is having.

What if I can't make it live everyday?

I will house all of the material: emails, videos, etc. on website you will have access to. Daily check-ins, live streams and q&a will also be in the facebook group that will be left open for two weeks after the clinic takes place too. The facebook group is where all the action will happen and you can check in there whenever you are able to. Attending live is NOT a requirement - more of a benefit :)

How long do I have access to the videos/material AFTER the clinic is over?

I'll have the replays to the videos up for 30 days after the training for you to access when you need them. The resource book (which is GOLD!) you have access to's yours!

What is the time commitment each day?

The time commitment can be as much or as little as you want it to be, for most it will be about 45-90 minutes per day (again, that's up to you!). The resource guide is something you can go through at your leisure (or urgency for sleep!). The live videos will vary from 30 minutes to 1 hour each day with a live Q&A at the end of each video sessions. If you can't make it live you can watch the replays and fast forward through the parts you don't need/want to watch. You'll also have the opportunity to come back to these videos for 30 days after the clinic. The only other time you'll spend is asking questions in the group so we can get you the answers you need. The time you spend in the facebook group beyond the live trainings is up to you! You may get answers to questions you didn't even know you had, that's the benefit of the group.