"We need more sleep..."

That's typically the first thing I hear from tired parents that need a solution.

You've googled.

You've bought books.

You've tried everything.

Nothing has worked.

I am your solution

From my knowledge and expertise, to my compassion and understanding, I work with each family individually to develop a plan that works for your family. Not for your neighbors. Not for your sister. Not for your best friend.

I'm a sleep expert and I know what works when it comes to getting babies/children to sleep but you're the expert when it comes to your child and you are vital to the process. We'll work together to develop a solution that works best for you and your family.

Finding the best fit for you..

Custom Plan 

This is the option for the parent that wants a custom plan without any follow up or support.

An initial 30 minute phone call to get to know eachother and get all necessary information to write the perfect gentle sleep plan for your little one. A PDF custom sleep plan with step by step instructions will be delivered to your inbox.


Package #1 

This is the option for the parent that wants a custom plan with group support and guidance.

An initial 45 minute phone call to make sure we're on the same page and exchange all the necessary information to write the perfect sleep plan plus 1 month of unlimited access/questions in a private Facebook group. 


Package #2 

This is the option for the parent that needs a little more guidance and support with that custom plan

Everything Package #1 includes PLUS an extra 45 minutes of phone time, 1 month of E-mail and direct text access to make sure ALL of your questions are answered as quickly as possible.


Need a closer look at those packages? ...here's what you get 

Package #1


An initial 45 minute phone call will be booked so I can get to know you, your parenting style and your family. This will help me get a greater understanding of what method will work best for you. It's also an opportunity to address any concerns and answer any questions. Your remaining time can be used to book follow up calls at your convenience because sometimes hopping on the phone is just easier!

After getting to know you a bit and talking it all through, I'll sit down, develop and write YOUR individual plan within 3 business days. Once the plan is done, I'll send it to your email as a PDF where we can work through it until we get it to a place that you are comfortable and confident with your role and I'm confident that it will work. This is team work at its finest.

1 month of exclusive access to my private facebook community where we can talk sleep, mom life and make sure all of your questions are answered. Acces includes bimonthly LIVE video calls and weekly Q&A sessions

Package #2


Everything in #1

an extra 45 minutes of phone time

Once the plan is finalized, you will decide upon a start date that works best for you and your family. Throughout the entirety of the process (even before you start) you can email me as much as you want with questions, concerns or anything else that comes up. This is key to helping you become comfortable before the start date, which will help tremendously. 

For one month you'll get text messenging/instant messenger support from me so I can give you the quickest response time I'm able to, which is usually instantly. Since we talk about your start date together, I do everything I can to make sure I'm available to you during those first crucil nights and the nights after that too.  

** This is a client favorite, something you won't find most places. 

I'll make sure you are a priority and you'll know because you'll feel like a priority.

Hi, I'm Bethany!

I'm known to many of my clients as the "sleep guru", but I'm really just a sleep consultant that takes the time to listen. Yes, I have the knowledge and skills to help your get more sleep. But more than anything, what makes me different is the fact that I try not to assume anything and I never put people in boxes. Every family is different, every child is different. So, when you work with me individually, you get a plan that is different. A plan that works for you. 

More important than any of the letters after my name, I have two of my own that call me "mommy". I've been in your shoes. I think that's why it is so very important to me to ind solutions that work for each family. 

This is for you if..

  • You are tired and need a sleep solution for your little one
  • Your "little one" (or not so little one!) is between the ages of 4 months - 10 years old
  • You need a more individual solution, you are tired of, or just don't want to try, the blanket solutions that are found in books, articles, support groups or from friends and family
  • You like to have the individual support to be affirmed in your decisions the whole way through
  • You value the importance of sleep, for both your little one and for you and you are ready to make a change.
  • You want what's best for your child
  • You are committed to finding your sleep solution and you are ready to become a team player (don't worry you've got me for a coach) in making this successful.

Is this the best fit for me?

What others have to say...

I'm SO confident that this will work that if it doesn't, I'll give you your money back.

It's time for more sleep!

It's time, you know it is. I can help. Let's work together so we can get your little one (and you!) more sleep. If you still have questions, don't hesitate to reach out to me and send me an email at info@latchedandattached.com

Choose your plan and purchase

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Once you purchase, you'll get an email sent to your inbox with in seconds (if you don't see it, check your junkmail!). In that email you'll get everything you need to get started, including the link to my calendar so you can book your first call ASAP!