Bethany offers a variety of services to meet your needs and help you find solutions.

As a doula, certified lactation counselor and sleep consultant (plus the hundreds of families she has worked with) she is prepared to get you the results that your family needs. There is never any pressure or judgement, her promise to meet you where you're at and help you accomplish the things that you and your family need.

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Sleep Consultations

Work one on one with Bethany to develop a custom sleep plan that is designed for your little one and your family.

Sleep Clinics

 Bethany hosts 5 day online sleep clinics for specific age ranges so she can dig in deep at an affordbale price for a small number of moms. Space is limited but the growth that happens can only be measured by the amazing results that are seen!!

Attached to Sleep:

Comprehensive Sleep Training Program

Attached to Sleep isa program that follows Bethany's gentle sleep training method. This program will cover all of your questions and give you age appropriate sleep plans that will work for your child. 

My Mama Village

A membership community for those needing solutions and support for sleep, child development, lactation & feeding and mom life in general.