Where Moms Come Together to Make Momming the Joy It's Meant to be

Expert Advice. Community Connections. Gentle Guidance. 

Dear overwhelmed, exhausted mama, 


It's said that it takes a village to raise a child and you, dear mama, have just arrived at your village.  

You now have a safe space to vent when frustration and loneliness creep up.  

You now have a close-knit and judgment-free community of friends who 'get' how hard this mommying thing can be.  

Most importantly, you now have direct access to TWO trained motherhood mentors AND a hand-picked selection of trusted experts to reach out to when you want to understand your baby’s cues, figure out why your little one can’t latch properly or sleep through the night, or help your shy child interact better with their peers.  

You now have...

The first-ever virtual village for moms who want to make #momlife less stressful and more fun with great experts, gentle guidance and good friends.  

Because, mama... the truth is that you aren't in this alone. Nuh-uh!! 

FACT: 50% stay-at-home moms reported being stressed while 42% reported that they were struggling. (source: Gallup, 2012)  

FACT: 60% working mothers find it difficult to balance work and family (Pew Research, 2015)

Yes, these cold, hard numbers show that whether you're a stay-at-home mom or a working mom, stress, anxiety and frustration are common threads tying us all together. 

We're all trying to juggle a kajillion balls and dropping even one makes us feel guilty and like we're failing at this whole 'mom' thing. 

Yes, we're all struggling and trying to keep it together. 

The funny part is that we all want the same things too. 

Here’s the thing: Babies, toddlers, and older children often need different approaches to help them learn, speak, interact with others, or express their emotions.  

Children don't come with an instruction manual and even if they did - it would be different for each child and each family!  

 That is why...  

  • We want a supportive, non-judgmental shoulder to cry on when our 9-month old refuses to sleep through the night and when the 3-year old throws a full-blown, on-the-floor tantrum at Aldi's. 
  • We want someone to give us gentle instruction on how to make breastfeeding our newborn less painful, more enjoyable. 
  • We want tried-and-tested ideas to transform our late talker into a delightful chatterbox and keep our high-on-energy 2-year-old engaged
  • We want to look back on these early parenting years and not cringe or regret them, but smile and laugh about them.  

Yes, mama... it's time. 

  • It's time for you to stop doing this all by yourself, feeling lost and lonely. 
  • It's time for the crazy Mommy Wars to end, once and for all, because we're all in this... together!
  • It's time for you to get unwavering support, judgement-free encouragement and rock-solid expert advice so

you can raise your baby without the overwhelm, guilt and stress. 

Inside YOUR Village you'll find

Weekly Live Videos

Videos to help you get answers to all your questions about breastfeeding, sleep solutions that actually work, feeding and nutrition support, developmental milestones and delays as well as parenting and motherhood so you'll never be up in the middle-of-the-night Googling "Why do I feel so alone as a mom?!"

Private Facebook Group

A private Facebook group so you have a safe space to come to when you want to share, vent, ask or simply, hang out with moms, just like you. 

Members' Only Site

A members'-only site so you have at-your-fingertips-access to all the resources you need for baby's development, feeding, sleep and your own self-development and sanity. 

Exclusive Acces to Programs

Exclusive access to programs created by Latched and Attached and Language Based Learning so you can save your hard-earned dollars and still get high-quality parenting resources when you need them. 

Members Only Discounts

Members-only discounts on all full consults with Bethany and/or Mandy.

...and more


"Ask the Experts" Calls - 2x a month (Value: $200/month)

Every month, we'll bring in TWO trusted and recommended experts so you can get advice you can place your faith in without forking out hundreds of dollars or spending hours in a waiting room! Calls will be conducted virtually (yep, attend 'em in your PJs!) and you'll get recordings too so even if you can't make it LIVE... you'll still get expert access and answers easily! 


"Moms' Night In" Chats - 1x a month (Value: $80/month) 

You don't have to miss your #girlsnightout days because with My Mama Village, your girls' night comes to YOU...That's right. Once a month, we'll meet virtually for a "Moms' Night In" chat via Zoom so we can swap stories, share a laugh and the latest baby food recipes. We can chat and have a great time hanging out with like-minded moms without worrying about our hair or even picking out an outfit!


The "My Mama Village" App - Always accessible (Value: $60/year)

We know My Mama Village is brimming with busy moms who're always on the go. That's why you get exclusive access to the My Mama Village app (for both iPhone and Android) so you can have your go-to resource at your fingertips. Literally. 

All this for about $1/day!! 

You can get instant access to My Mama Village and all the bonuses for the exclusive, charter-member price of $34.97/month.  

Yes, for less than a dollar a day, you can get your very own team of experts and cheerleaders so you can actually enjoy being a mom minus the overwhelm, guilt, frustration and loneliness. 

- Alison, NH, USA

Get it ALL for $34.97/month 

Who are the My Mama Village Mentors?!

Hi there!! 

We're Bethany and Mandy and we’re honored to be your mentors in this safe, little, virtual village. 

We’ve been around the mom block for a while and we get how challenging, frustrating, and thoroughly, exhausting it can be.  

Not just that...together we're a team of certified experts in lactation, sleep counseling, elementary and special education and speech and language development.  

Here's why we stepped up to create and lead this vibrant, joy-filled and intentional community of moms.  

"She wants moms to stop focusing on all they’re doing wrong and start moving towards everything they’re doing right. "

Bethany, founder of Latched and Attached, is a wife and mom of two and lives in North Carolina

She is a certified lactation counselor, sleep consultant and postpartum doula.  

Oh, she also has a BA from Providence College, an MBA from Southern New Hampshire University and while she originally hails from Massachusetts, she's lived in 5 states over the last 10 years! #randomfact  

But here's the most important thing about her... she's on a mission to redefine postpartum for women.  

Postpartum, according to Bethany, is more than just 6 weeks or 18 months. Postpartum is the rest of your life because having a child changes everything.  

She knows, first hand, the challenges of trying to find the answers and getting lost in everyone else’s (who aren’t experts) opinions. She's worked with over 600 families to date to find sleep solutions and with over 200 families for lactation support.  

Her passion (besides everything Disney!) is to make motherhood REAL - to overcome the pressures of the highlight reel of motherhood on social media and let others know that it’s okay not to be perfect, it’s okay not to have your shit together all the time and it’s definitely okay to do your own thing when it comes to parenting.  

Being a mom is not a one-size-fits-all kind of job and the more we can get that across the less judgement there will be.  

She wants moms to stop focusing on all they’re doing wrong and start moving towards everything they’re doing right.  

When she's not organizing everything she can lay her hands on, she's cooking up a storm in the kitchen, fueled by chocolate, of course.  

Fun fact: Because you may not realize it when you see her on Zoom or in the Facebook group, Bethany is 6 ft. tall!  

And Mandy, Founder of Language Based Learning, has seen first hand how children who don't "fit the mold" (is there a mold?) can struggle with typical/ traditional learning approaches and believes that one size truly does not fit all. 

Mom to a little boy and working towards blending her family of four including her other half and his eleven-year-old son, Mandy believes each child is unique and learns differently.  

Whether a child receives special education services or has their own pattern of strengths and weaknesses – each child learns at their own pace and in their own way.  

One important thing about her... she's on a mission to provide support to families of all kinds including blended families, families who have a child with a disability, families with single parents. Basically, families of all shapes and sizes!  

Mandy also knows how hard things can be when everyone tries to give an opinion - but their opinion and experience doesn't match that of your family's or your child's.  

She’s worked for over 10 years, providing educational, developmental, and speech and language-based services to families of all kinds in school systems, in their homes, in medical settings, in outpatient clinics, and through community programs. 

 She has also "been on the other side of the table" with a child of her own who she guided through medical and developmental difficulties that he experienced at a very early age.  

Her passion, fueled by protein shakes and caffeine, is to let you know that you're not alone – to let you know it's okay to follow your own path and do what works for your family and your child. She wants you to know that you have the permission to do what’s best for YOU and your family.  

When she isn’t donning her parenting coach hat, Mandy can be found meal-prepping, which considering her Italian background looks like she is cooking for legions! She sings around the house, embarrasses her boys with her punny jokes, and tries new gluten-free recipes. She tries to be real in a world where there can be a lot of pressure to do and be the norm. 

Fun Fact: Both Mandy and her boyfriend have sons named Liam! What are the odds of that?!  

"She wants you to know that you have the permission to do what’s best for YOU and your family."

The My Mama Village Promise...

Imagine this... 

Bleary-eyed and exhausted, you rock your screaming baby, trying to manically think of what is wrong and what you should do.  

You reach for your phone on the nightstand and with one free hand, open up the My Mama Village app and quickly tap the sleep section.  

In minutes, you know what you missed in your sleep-deprived, exhausted state. A quick confirmation from the moms in your friendly Facebook community helps and you know...  

Your little one has colic.  

Again, thanks to the easy-to-find expert tips in My Mama Village, you know exactly what to do and a few short minutes later, your darling is fast asleep and you can crash too. Sweet bliss!  

Picture this... 

You’re exhausted and embarrassed. Your 2-year old bit a child in the park. AGAIN.  

The biting is new but the kicking and hitting when angry as well as the tantrums have been going on for months and you’re stressed and ashamed about it.  

You feel as if it’s your fault. You feel like you’ll never be invited to play dates and worse, you feel like you’re a ‘bad’ mom for not being able to teach your child.  

You head to the My Mama Village and tearfully reach out to Mandy or Bethany and in minutes, you have expert advice tailored to help you get to the root of the biting and kicking. They guide you toward some of the videos as well.  

You watch the videos and you feel a massive weight lift off your exhausted shoulders. You know that it’s not your fault and that you aren’t in this alone. You start using the advice they’ve shared and in a matter of days you see a difference. You understand your 2-year old better and you have the tools you need to guide him to communicate better.  

This is the My Mama Village promise.

Making it ridiculously easy and effortless for you - the overwrought, overwhelmed, overworked mama, to get all the help and support you need so you never have to spend one waking moment, worrying that you aren't doing enough or that you aren't doing it right.  

You've got us on your team, mama.  

You'll never feel alone again.  

Pinky swear!  

Moms Said "Yes" to My Mama Village Because...

There's nothing like it out there. Period. 

Yes, there are sites you can search and forums that you can hang out in but they're mainly by big-box brands or by non-experts (and sometimes, not even moms!) offering cookie-cutter 'advice' so you can neither trust them nor relate to them.  

And sure, you can find experts to work with one-on-one but each expert will only help with ONE particular challenge.  

Can you imagine the amount of money and time you'd end up wasting trying to get solutions for everything from breastfeeding to sleep struggles to feeding your toddler and more?  

With My Mama Village, you get everything - expert advice, community support, mom-tested strategies for less than what you'd pay for your Triple Shot Venti Latte at Starbucks every day!  

Sweet side-bonus: when you're sleeping through the night, thanks to the tips you get from My Mama Village, you don’t need caffeine coursing through your veins! Win-win  

Most importantly, at My Mama Village, you get one-on-one attention from Bethany and Mandy so you can get personalized advice and plans to help you with your unique parenting and motherhood challenges.  

You're not just another face in the crowd or a random name on the wall at My Mama Village.  

You're heard. You're thought of. You're cared about.  

You're one of us, mama, and we're here to help you smile more, stress less. Simple. 

Frequently Asked (or Thought!) Questions

How will My Mama Village work? 

Once you click that big button below and join us in My Mama Village, you'll get access to a seriously super membership site that'll house every resource you will need.  

We make sure to provide you the most up-to-date and reliable information so you don’t have to search google and wonder if that random article is legit…we’ve already done that and we know our stuff and make sure you’re not getting anything lost in translation.  

Bethany and Mandy are your go-to leaders in the private Facebook group where they're present each and every day to answer questions, start conversations and help where needed! This is where they’ll do weekly live streams to help with pressing topics and get to know everyone even better!  

Can I cancel anytime? 

Yes, you absolutely can. While we'll be sorry to see you go, we've made it super easy for you to cancel anytime through PayPal. 

Will I get personal, one-to-one attention and advice? 

Yes! You can ask your questions in the Facebook group and Bethany and Mandy, as well as your sisterhood of moms, will help you find a solution that's tailored for your unique situation. My Mama Village is our biggest priority, right after our families, and you'll get every ounce of our attention and expertise.  

What if I can’t attend the expert calls? 

No worries at all! The calls will all be recorded and will be available in your membership site. In addition, if you know you can't make the calls, you can ask your questions ahead of time in the Facebook group and we'll ask the experts for you on the call. 

Being a mom, mama, is about loving, caring for, and nurturing your child's unique strengths. To help them use those strengths to develop the talents and skills they haven't displayed, yet.  

Being a mom is about giving your kids the very best without sacrificing yourselves at the altar of loneliness and overwhelm.  

Being a mom is about getting the expert help you need, when you need it, without having to worry about the holes that ‘help’ will poke in your budget.  

This is your chance to reach out to rock-solid experts and connect with a safe sisterhood of moms.  

Dear mama, this is your chance to truly enjoy motherhood and the seasons it offers.