When breastfeeding isn't happening the way you dreamed it would.

A little help can go a long way.

If you're here, there's probably something about your breastfeeding journey that you would change...

  • Concerns about breastfeeding?
  • Having difficulty? pain?
  • Having trouble with baby’s latch?
  • Concerned about supply? Not producing enough? Or maybe too much?
  • Need help with pumping or feeding baby expressed milk
  • Struggling with the transition to solids?
  • Time to wean and you don’t know where to start?

Hi, I'm Bethany!

Lactation Counselor, Postpartum Doula and Sleep Consultant. ...but more important than and of the certifications or letters after my name, I am a fellow breastfeeding mother who has experienced the ups and downs that come along with any breastfeeding journey and I'm here to help.

When it comes to breastfeeding, I am confident that I can help just about any mama with the issue at hand.  

My online consults go back to when I was breastfeeding my first and needed help. As a first time mom, the last thing I wanted to do was drag my newborn out of the house more than I already had to, but I needed help with lactation, I needed support. The other thing I needed was more than 10 minutes in someone’s office, after dragging my baby out, to be told that the pain would probably pass. I needed someone to see the big picture, someone to walk with me each step of the way…and that just wasn’t possible with the lactation services I was using.  

So, that’s when I knew it was time for me to to do what I needed to to be able to help mother’s like me that were in need but silently suffering because there didn’t seem to be anyone that could help.  

That’s why I developed the consults that I have, all of which can be done from the comfort of your own home, without having to drag baby out or worry about them getting upset, hungry, etc.

Kayla L.

Cimmaron S.

Ready for help?

Which consult is best for you...

Messenger Chat

Phone/Skype Consult

Ultimate Package

1 - 30 minute chat session to have questions answered  

Just need some quick help? Want some pointed guidance without the hefty fees, scheduling a call or leaving the house? This is the consult for you! Custom answers for you in a scheduled 30 minute messenger chat.

1 -30 or 60 minute phone/skype call 

1- Custom plan delivered via e-mail 

Easier to talk it all out? On the phone/skype consult Bethany will be able to listen and help with practical guidance and support. After getting off the phone Bethany will email you a custom plan to move forward with. This is ideal for someone that is struggling with Latch/Milk Supply Issues.

1- 60 minute phone call 1- Custom plan delivered via e-mail Unlimited email access for 1 month Unlimited text/mesenger support access for 2 weeks  

This is the consult for you if you want the solutions and want to be able to ask questions as they arise. Bethany is sure to make you her first priority and answer questions quickly so you can make your breastfeeding journey more enjoyable.

**Client Favorite and Recommend for Milk Supply!